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... developed by vets, for vets!

Your most important resource is the people who represent your business.  You’ve invested time, money and effort to recruit and train them. They are what makes your business tick and they determine the outcome of every business transaction with your clients. Their primary objective is fixing pets, they are not focused on the same issues as you, the business owner or partner. This is why our solutions are so important in helping you help them.

All our products have been developed by vets and staff at Boness Veterinary Hospital to meet the needs of our business, it seemed logical to make these management and marketing tools available to you. You can see our veterinary website here: Boness Vets

Our management products are designed to address internal communication and team management requirements and started life as tools in our own veterinary practice. We just had to get more organised, more efficient, as we have grown. To do that we looked for solutions which we could buy off the shelf . Guess what? There was nothing out there that fitted the bill. So, home grown systems have been our solution.

Our marketing products are designed to win more clients and be simple to use - no one wants systems that are hard to use.

Built by IT professionals and tested in our veterinary practice, the solutions we provide are a great way forward for Practices seeking to optimise their people, teams and business performance.

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